Milwaukee  Telangana Association (MiTA) is a non-profit organization formed in  November 2017, built to provide a platform for People of Telangana  Origin (Telanganites) to come together for cultural awareness and  community development.

         Telangana  region has a rich tradition of culture, history, language that have  molded Telangana identity. Milwaukee Telangana Association further  referred as MiTA is the first Telangana organization in Milwaukee,  Wisconsin and a non-profit socio-cultural, charitable organization built  to promote, preserve and perpetuate the Telangana community in  Milwaukee, WI. Reflecting  the theme, the energy and the positive attitude similar to that of  Telangana, the 29th state of India. The organization was formed by a few  like-minded people in this historic Milwaukee town. The mission of MiTA  is to promote and perpetuate the culture and social conditions of  Telangana and people of Telugu descent in general. The idea  behind such activities is to give back to the motherland of Telangana  and inspire many to do the same. Helping revive the rich literary  artists, the traditional folk arts, forms and instituting awards each  year to the ambassadors of Telangana. MiTA believes the future is in the hands of Youth, as they have the capacity to churn the needs of any nation.

          Please  come join us and Become a member of MiTA and lend your hand. Joining the  community will enable preserving and promoting our Telangana culture! MiTA  organizes the community gathering to bring the Telangana people under  the same roof to celebrate Telangana festivals and culture. We also  organize community events, educational cultural forums to bring people  together and educate ourselves about problems faced by Telangana people  for possible resolution. MiTA is  also involved in organizing cultural and family events to help  strengthen community bonds among Telangana people in WI USA. MiTA will  assist individuals and organizations that may want to take up  developmental activities for charity in Telangana region.


Milwaukee Telangana Association’s mission and objectives are to achieve following:

  • Build a platform for our younger generations about Indian culture and heritage
  • Providing  a platform primarily for NRI Telanganites and their children and  organizations interested in the causes supported by MiTA to come  together for broader discussion of various problems that Telangana is  facing.
  • Celebrate Telangana region specific festivals (Ex: Bathukamma, Bonalu..) with the help of local Telugu Organizations.
  • Promote Telangana culture in greater Milwaukee area state.
  • Strengthen cultural identity of Telangana among Telanganites living in the city vicinity.
  • Develop  and maintain a central ‘go to’ place for information resources and links  about Telangana and non-residents living in this geographical area.
  • Assist local Telangana community, support when in need.
  • Host visiting scholars, artists and officials from Telangana State.
  • Help Student community from Telangana origin in Greater Milwaukee Area.
  • Organize  the sessions to create awareness and educate the students to come abroad  to pursue their education, career and other aspirations.